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Rich Waterman

I don't know anyone more knowledgeable on LinkedIn connections and creating business connections in general. Leanne really helped me to enhance my own LinkedIn profile and helped me to identify some key target clients for my business. Massively valuable.

Rich Waterman- Founder and MD at Get Rich Coaching and Consultancy Ltd. Strategic Business Advice. Business Improvement
Chris Josephs

Leanne is an expert at creating meaningful connections for people.

I knew that, but now I've experienced it.

In our first session together she was quick to identify the exact type of person who would benefit from my high end mindfulness based coaching. And, within minutes, she was able to do a specific search from her 30,000 level 1 and over 8 million level 2 connections to find those exact people that I could reach out to and potentially help.

The ability to facilitate meaningful connections like that is invaluable for any business.

Thank you Leanne, and I'm looking forward to continuing our work together.


Chris Josephs- Coach & Mindfulness Trainer for High Achievers inc CEOs Directors Entrepreneurs & Coaches
Michael Bagshaw

Leanne has a broad level of experience in regard to marketing and brand recognition, she has been personally involved in marketing her own various businesses and has helped other business owners also.

Michael Bagshaw- Statewide Consulting & Finance
Brian McFarlane

Leanne is a outstanding Linkedin trainer and has contributed greatly to supporting the blab community with valuable Linkedin insights. She has also been an great co-host on the Social Selling Course on Blab. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get an edge with Linkedin.

Brian McFarlane- Digital Marketing Specialist
Morgan Ingram

Leanne is a great connecter and a lovely person! Her knowledge on social media and how to build relationships is outstanding. If you need anyone to learn from about how to build properly by communicating online contact Leanne! She is my go to person for LinkedIn tips and tricks!

Morgan Ingram- Host of the #SDR Chronicles
Kerry Simcock

Leanne understands how to make Linked In work for real people.

Building on her understanding of everything web and social media marketing, Leanne was able to teach me how to INSTANTLY improve my profile - so that it truly reflected my skill set and target market.

Leanne is truly a master of making LinkedIn work for you.

Kerry Simcock- Property Developer, Manager & Buyers Agent
Nomiki Georgiadis

Leanne is so knowledgeable about LinkedIn and I love the way she continually tests and teaches, how to best leverage LinkedIn for business. She simplifies things so that they are easy to understand, then shows you a way forward to maximize your results. Thank you Aussie LinkedIn Lady for all your guidance and assistance.

Nomiki Georgiadis- nique Value Proposition Consultant. I help Biz Owners & Entrepreneurs attract high quality clients with a powerful USP
Jennifer Repper

Leanne is a caring and passionate professional. She is a delight to work with and knows her topics. Leanne always goes the extra mile for her clients. Laughter is guaranteed.

Jennifer Repper- Wisdom Exchange
Francis Jiminenz

Leanne is a wonderful individual that has helped me immensely with my linkedin questions and I have learned so much conversing with her.

She is the real deal -- extremely approachable and very accomodating. Thanks!

Francis Jiminenz- Research and Development For Digital Marketing Focused on Paid Ads and Social Media Promotions
Chris Gregory

Leanne has that true gift of engaging and facilitating both learning and knowledge retention: she delivers with humour, empathy and a student-centred approach, backed by relevant knowledge and real-life experience. Diligent and committed to quality service delivery, insightful and flexible.

Chris Gregory- NBN Co Community Account Manager SA
Bruce Johnston

Even when she doesn’t intend to, Leanne Isaacson gets results. Whenever I publish a post on LinkedIn, Leanne will like or share it with her network, and I get a lot of views, likes and comments on my posts as a result. This tells me that Leanne has reach, a large network of active LinkedIn users, and that she has credibility, when Leanne points out something to her network they take notice. Simply put, Leanne knows how to network effectively.
For people interested in networking or learning how to network and expand their businesses, Leanne would be a good person to work with.

Bruce Johnston- My Clients use LinkedIn More Efficiently & Effectively