3 Critical LinkedIn Steps to Simple & Fast Business Growth

Did you know that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter? 72.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform their colleagues who aren’t using it. In 2012 there were 5.7 billion searches performed on LinkedIn – recent statistics have not been published but you can guarantee with the increase in users that those search results would be exponentially higher.

I train & coach Business Professionals in using LinkedIn to quickly & simply gain new business & partners, be found by your ideal customers and communicate effectively with existing customers so you can easily grow & make your business more money in less time.

Leanne Image 5I’m Leanne Isaacson and commonly known as the “Aussie LinkedIn Lady” and I’ve been helping business professionals be found, stand out from the crowd and build strong relationships on LinkedIn.

Highly connected on LinkedIn with over 21,000 connections, without a doubt, I have discovered that LinkedIn has emerged as the social platform for business people to increase the exposure for their products and services today. However so many professionals who’ve created a LinkedIn Profile have no idea how to use it to grow their business & could really use some help to tap into this huge network.

I have found that most LinkedIn users don’t know that their LinkedIn profile ranks in Google Search for their name as soon as they create it!

And that most are scared to make connections with people they don’t know because they are unsure of how to approach them, they might not want to connect or worse they might get spammed?

I can solve this!
  • I train & coach businesses in LinkedIn Success & Social Media Success to gain new customers & partners, work more profitably with existing customers & share knowledge – leveraging their time & growing their wealth all without working longer hours
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  • My LinkedIn Network has grown to now over 29 million people worldwide – I have over 11 million 1st & 2nd degree & Group connections.

You can be sure that if there is someone that you need to be connected to, I can connect you!

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The ability to see the big picture & facilitate connections, ability to identify individuals skills, strategic networking through LinkedIn, fun down to earth LinkedIn & Social Media training & creating a variety of online opportunities are the key strengths & experience I can offer YOU.

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why_linkedinAll businesses need a means of getting ahead so they can do as well as possible in today’s fast paced world. LinkedIn can provide that edge that can help a business to grow and succeed when it is used properly. It’s not a question of if a business should be using LinkedIn, it’s a question of how can you use it better. Businesses must get familiar with the tools that LinkedIn has to offer that can enhance your company’s ability to do networking, build up your brand name, get more credibility, find new employees, get leads, and much more.

By using these and other tools within LinkedIn, you can help your company to thrive and succeed both online and offline. These tools include: LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups are a great way to start making connections in your niche. For example, if you are selling pet products, then you should do a search for already formed groups that offer similar products and services related to the type of pet products you provide. Or, you can even make your own group as well and look for appropriate followers to join it. Once you are a group member or are the leader of your own group, you can do things like get involved in discussions about new things in your field or solving problems in your niche, etc. Or, you can use them to introduce your business to others and start getting more known in your industry. Getting involved in groups helps you to stay active in your line of work and you can post info on your own company or read about what is going on in the other groups. Just make sure what you post is relevant and up-to-date so it is valuable to your followers. This helps build your credibility and can turn you into the “go to” company in your business, thus helping to build your brand name. Networking opportunities in LinkedIn LinkedIn also gives businesses a platform in which to network with other businesses, potential employees or interested customers. By doing this, your company can show its expertise in your field and meet with like-minded professionals that can ultimately help you to learn new things, find solutions to problems, find new talent for your job openings, and much more. They can also become your followers and do things like give recommendations and endosements that will also help your business to succeed and perhaps even become a household word for all to know and use your products and services. LinkedIn Helps Get Leads LinkedIn can also provide you lots of data that can be used to get new leads for your company. This can be done by doing things like checking out the profiles of other businesses or individuals to find new contacts, developing mutual relationships with other businesses that can help you to get new customers, sharing information with your followers that can spark interest in your products and services, etc. Once you get a few new leads, you can use their LinkedIn profiles to get ideas on reaching out to people or businesses they know that could also be interested in buying your products or services or that can help you in other ways like finding new employees or others that can benefit your company. Employee Recruitment Using LinkedIn LinkedIn is also a great venue to find highly capable future employees. You can search for potential new people by using keywords, searching a specific place, and putting in the characteristics you desire. Then, once you have a few potential candidates, you can read their profiles and make contact if you think they are a good fit for your open positions. Some studies have even shown that LinkedIn can decrease the time it takes to find new employees by more than 50 percent. LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements on your products and services can also go a long way to making your business a future success. Followers or members of the groups you are in can give you recommendations or endorsements if they approve of your company. These are somewhat similar to Facebook likes or a Google+1 choice and make a great testimonial about how your business has helped them in some fashion. They can make others more interested in your company and what it could do for them. The main point is that if your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn account, then you are missing out on one of the best ways to get your company known and help it to become more successful and more profitable in the future.