Social Media Site Targets Rural Folk

TRW_21-06-2013_ROP_01_TRW210613alexsparkes_fct1024x772x30_t460CATTLE farmer Alex Sparkes is proving there is a place for social media in the bush.

The sixth-generation beef cattle producer from Taroom is the brainchild behind the new website Farmz, an online site for people living and working in agriculture.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Sydney at Orange, rather than returning to the property immediately, Alex became business partners with a friend and created his first online business.

“We’ve got industries from all around Australia and all types of farmers, from a two-acre vegetable grower right through to pastoral properties on more than one million acres,” Alex said.

It allows farm owners to connect with other farmers from around Australia and share what they’re doing with each other. Users sign up on behalf of their farm, rather than as individuals, and can supply as little or as much information on their property as they like.

“But when something came along that was more industry based, they’ve really taken ownership of it and really value it and have started to use it.”