Social Media vs Traditional Marketing – $$ Saved

Many businesses are questioning the value of spending $$ on traditional marketing given the difficulty in measuring the real effectiveness of the spend and inability to really connect with their targeted customer.

This is where social media comes into it’s own.

An excerpt from the article below describes 4 main benefits.

  • Better, more meaningful communication with customers. Rather than see people as a number, businesses are able to provide them with individualized attention by addressing their needs immediately.
  • Overall savings. Marketing campaigns can target customers online through free social media networks.
  • Brand recognition. By plastering a logo and slogan all over social media networks, businesses increase brand recognition worldwide which helps them to sell products.
  • Greater overall customer satisfaction. Men and women want fast results. They want 24/7 access to companies. By deploying social media marketing teams, businesses provide customers with the information and support they need to resolve the issues that they have. This builds faith in a company and makes customers loyal.